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On Demand: Avoid Denials! Code Hospital Services Correctly! - ACS

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Avoid Denials! Code Hospital Services Correctly!

Cost: $199

Total Runtime: 88 minutes

Please Note: CEUs for Avoid Denials! Code Hospital Services Correctly! expire on 3/31/2023

This 88-minute virtual course helps you to code hospital services correctly and avoid denials.

When surgeons treat patients in the Emergency Department, on observation and inpatient units—code selection and documentation are key. In order to be paid, you need to select the right type of service (category of code) and level of service describing the care you provided and documented. Selecting the wrong type of service leads to denials. Selecting the wrong level of service can lead to audits or under payments. While observation and inpatient services can be based on the key components or time, ED visits must be coded based on the key components. Learn when it is beneficial to use time in code selection, and how to document it. Join us to learn what you and your coders need to know about correct coding for hospital E/M services.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine the correct category of code
  • Know when to use time to select the level of service, and how to document
  • Select the level of service based on history, exam and medical decision making

Course Access and Expiration

You will have access to this course for 30 days from the day you purchase it.

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