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On Demand: Critical Care Coding and Documentation - 2022 Update - Non Member

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Critical Care Coding and Documentation - 2022 Update

Please Note: CEUs for Critical Care Coding and Documentation - 2022 Update expire on 3/31/2023

Please Note: CMEs for Critical Care Coding and Documentation - 2022 Update expire on 2/25/2023

Cost: $199
Total Runtime: 89 minutes

The guidelines for billing Critical Care Services were updated in Medicare’s final 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. In this course led by consultant Teri Romano, BSN, MBS, CPC, CMDP, we will delve into what’s new and clear up some of the confusion on topics like split/shared services, the global period, and more. We will also discuss the new modifiers FS and FT and what has changed with concurrent care.. 

This 89-minute on demand course analyzes the critical care rules for Medicare, with a detailed look at changes effective in 2022 that apply to you. 

In this course we will:

  • Refresh your understanding of billing critical care during the global period. Is it still allowable for unrelated issues? And who can bill it? What is acceptable documentation?
  • Define the new critical care modifiers, FS and FT. When is each one used?
  • Clarify split/shared service: when can the add-on code be billed and who can bill it on the same day as 99291
  • Understand concurrent care re-defined. Can two providers bill during the same time period? Under what circumstances?
  • Present actual critical care scenarios to demonstrate documentation imperatives.

Course Access and Expiration

You will have access to this course for 30 days from the day you purchase it.

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